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How to use Lando for local development with Laravel
One of the common problems when working on web apps is that you need to have a local environment that is as close as possible to the production environment. If you are working in a team it is important that you can share the local environment one way or the other too. In this post I show you how you can solve this problem by using Lando, a local development environment.|Getting started with Laravel and Lando, local Laravel environment, local environment, how to use lando for local development with laravel, Lando, PHP, Laravel, DevOps
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Recap of my progress in January
This is a monthly update for January about the progress with my goals for 2021.
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My goals for 2021
Normally I'm not a big fan of new year resolutions. But as 2020 was a real special year for everyone I wanted to start 2021 with something new. I thought about what I want to accomplish in the new year and made my goals out of this.
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